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Aaaah, this right here! 27 songs reminiscent of that golden era of great song writing, singing and impeccable production.

Mixed By Maxi. Classic Slow Mix 01

1 .SWV,E-40 - Come Get Some
2 .Jagged Edge - I Gotta Be
3. Keith Sweat - put your loving through the test
4. Jodeci -cry - for-you
5. New Edition - Cool It Now
6. The Jackson 5 - Girl, I want your body
7. Dru Hill - You Are Everything
8. Surface - Happy
9. keith sweat - telling me no
10. Marques Houston - sex with you
11. Keith Sweat - i want her
12. R. kelly - your-bodys-callin
13. Jodeci - Feenin
14. Aaliyah - One In A Million
15. Blackstreet - Don’t Leave Me
16. Tony Toni Tone - For The Love Of You
17. R. Kelly - you remind me of something
18. k-ci & jojo - Now and forever
19. keith sweat - Just one of them thangs
20. Jodeci - My Heart Belongs To U
21. Avant - 4 Minutes
22. Tony Toni Tone - Who Loving You
23. Jade - i wanna love you
24. Jodeci - come and talk to me
25. Jodeci - Forever My Lady
26. Dru Hill - tell me
27. Patrice Rushen - feels so real

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"Why can some Autistic people can have enhanced skills like drawing or memory?"

Observers have found that the incredible skills of many “savants” reflect an incredible amount of time spent obsessively practicing or memorizing one thing—-like say the calendar—-allowing them to perform impressive feats—-like telling you the day of the week for any date within 1000 years almost instantly.

But, there’s another aspect to some Autistic savants. Researchers have found that some savants have reduced activity in the parts of the fore-brain that are responsible for what we usually think of as information processing—-basically the part of the brain that packages information in a way we understand.

In you, presumably, this part of the brain takes a bunch of lines drawn on a piece of paper and tells you that it’s, say, a house. If you wanted to draw it later, this part of your brain would remember “house” and then try to rebuild the lines from that memory, plus the sensory memories that accompanied it. This is why most people’s drawings of a house are house-like, but hardly photo realistic.

In the savant, that first step is suppressed. So they see the lines, but they don’t remember it as “house,” they remember it as “bunch of lines.” So, later, when they try to draw it, there’s no interference from this organizing principle. They just reproduce the lines, sometimes in an order that would make no sense to a non-savant (part of the roof, than a corner of a window, then the top half of the door), and can reproduce it with startling accuracy.

The same thing can happen with numbers, allowing for really fast calculation since they don’t have to stop and consider the numbers as “numbers,” but just run the operations directly.

Again, this isn’t super common. And I don’t know how widely accepted this explanation is, but I’ve always found it nifty.


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"Why do stars “flicker”?"

It’s mostly due to pollution and the variation in the density of air - as you go up air gets colder and more dense, so its refractive index would change and thus distorting the image.

Fancy land-based telescopes can actually correct this by firing a laser up into the atmosphere and taking an image of this. Because they know this should look like a single beam, they can undo the distortions by mechanically changing the shape of the mirrors in the telescopes and obtain sharp images. And of course if you have lots of money, build a space telescope.


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"Why do we experience sleep paralysis?"

When we sleep, our mind is still active on a subconscious level (aka, the reason why we dream).. Sometimes dreams can be extremely vivid and may cause the body to act out the dream involuntarily, which gives you the potential to injure yourself.. To combat this, your body releases chemicals to paralyze certain muscle groups (i.e. arms, legs, fingers, or anything that is under conscious control)


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Scarf … Check! #inspiration #added #whishlist #fallwinter 


Scarf … Check! #inspiration #added #whishlist #fallwinter 

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I can actually hear the clicking noise it makes when you open it.


I can actually hear the clicking noise it makes when you open it.

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Olive Purple Pink


Olive Purple Pink